Intermediate Drupal Install

This install will create a Drupal web site with several commonly used third-party modules.


  • easy to use administrator menu
  • upload and add audio to the site
  • a blog
  • a forum
  • commenting system
  • calendar
  • WYSIWYG (a rich text editor) with the ability to upload files/images through the interface
  • search engine optimization (SEO) tools like Google Analytics and a sitemap for search engines
  • upload and add video
  • embed video from sites like YouTube
  • All features included with basic install


A theme is the "look" of the site - the layout, colors, fonts, and the like.

Sites are fixed width (a set width for the content; content is either aligned in the center with empty space on right and left, or aligned to the left with empty space on the right) or 100% width (content areas stretch to fill the entire screen).

This install includes several standard and custom themes, as seen below:
(click theme name for preview)

Drupal 7:

  • Bartik
    Multiple column with a tabbed top menu and the ability to change the theme's colors
  • Garland
    3-col, 100% width, small space for logo and the ability to change the theme's colors
  • Seven
    Administrative theme meant to be used within the admin areas
  • Stark
    Stripped down theme that only uses Drupal's default styles
  • Corolla
    Up to 3 columns; flexible width; configurable fonts, colors, and widths; top menu tabs.
  • Acquia Marina
    Flexible layout theme - has numerous blocks that can be placed in various regions, primary menu uses tabs
  • Marinelli
    3-col fixed width page - content centered on page, comes with 3 versions - both sidebars on the left, both sidebars on the right, one sidebar on each side


This install includes a few customizations to the base site:

  • Site name added
  • Logo added to header in space provided by theme
  • One of above themes enabled for users, rootcandy/seven* enabled for admin areas
  • Keywords and description added for site's default search engine optimization (SEO) information
  • Up to 8 links added to main menu
  • Text added to 8 basic pages (home page, contact page, about page, etc.)
  • Creating user account for local site admin
  • Main site color changed
  • Connect Google Analytics to site
  • Drupal 7: Google Fonts Installed and up to 3 fonts changes made



Jenni Simonis is not responsible for any issues that arise with third-party web hosts, such as server software that does not meet basic requirements for Drupal installations. I recommend purchasing web hosting along with this installation, as my servers are specifically set up for hosting Drupal and CiviCRM.