Basic Drupal installation

This package is for the installation of Drupal 7 and the modules and themes that come standard with it. No theme modifications will be made.

Customizations to be made:

  • enabling one of four provided themes
  • uploading logo to go in space provided by theme
  • adding site name
  • creating user account for local site admin
  • adding content for up to 5 pages, such as front page, about us, contact page
  • no custom styles will be created for text, colors, etc.
  • advice specific to your business regarding additional features, services, etc. to add to your web site


A theme is the "look" of the site - the layout, colors, fonts, and the like.

Sites are fixed width (a set width for the content; content is either aligned in the center with empty space on right and left, or aligned to the left with empty space on the right) or 100% width (content areas stretch to fill the entire screen).

This install includes only the standard themes
(click theme name for preview)

Drupal 7:

  • Bartik
    Multiple column with a tabbed top menu and the ability to change the theme's colors
  • Garland
    3-col, 100% width, small space for logo and the ability to change the theme's colors
  • Seven
    Administrative theme meant to be used within the admin areas
  • Stark
    Stripped down theme that only uses Drupal's default styles

A different theme can be downloaded from elsewhere and installed, but additional costs will be associated with that. Price depends on the theme, as some need additional modules and customizations in addition to the regular set-up process.


Jenni Simonis is not responsible for any issues that arise with third-party web hosts, such as server software that does not meet basic requirements for Drupal installations. I recommend purchasing web hosting along with this installation, as my servers are specifically set up for hosting Drupal and CiviCRM.